Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just Two More Weeks...

I can't believe its already here, today officially marks thirty-eight weeks! In just about two weeks time, God willing, I will be holding my baby boy! We had our last check-up on Wednesday... and there is really nothing new to report. The doctor says everything looks good still, and checked his positioning... confirming that he was still head down and ready to make his way into this world (as he has been for the last seven weeks). And for being this pregnant, I can't really complain too much. I still feel pretty good, the only thing really bothering me is the heat- and these hot flashes I'm having more frequently.

I wish I had pictures of his nursery to post, but right now we're staying with my parents for a while and he will be sharing a room with us for the first six or so months of his life- so he doesn't have a nursery yet. It's cool though, because all that furniture and bedding is expensive and would just be a waste of space at this point anyways. We did decorate his corner in our room! My very talented sister-in-law, Marghee painted him that beautiful sign with his name on it!
Because we are going with a jungle theme my little sister Chanel let us borrow one of her stuffed monkey's to put up on the little wooden shelf that would otherwise be empty! Although, I hear "Grammy" (the Grandma name my Mom has given herself) has picked Brody up his own adorable stuffed monkey on her trip to Hawaii, so when they return we'll put his up instead.
I have been on "maternity leave" now for about two weeks, it's been a welcome break for me and Sean's been working the closing shift during most of it, so its been nice to have most days at home with him! Other than getting his stroller and car seat set up as soon as it came, and setting up the bassinet in our room, I don't feel like I ever went through much of a "nesting" stage, and I still feel like there is SO much that needs to be done before we will be ready for his arrival. I've had his laundry on my to-do list for this entire past week. I think the procrastination bug is about to die though, since it's now hitting me that we are only two weeks away from the due-date that he could choose to make his arrival now at anytime! I'm only going to wash a few outfits... mostly onesies... his bed sheets and receiving blankets. Everything else stays in the closet with the tags on and the receipts attached just incase we are suprised with the birth of a baby girl!

Right now it seems like a lot of people I know are pregnant! It's almost as if we're having a little "2008 Baby Boom"! I'm a little worried there might not be any open beds at in the L&D unit at the hospital when its time... all joking aside, it's actually kind of fun to be going through this experience with a few friends. Having people around that actually understand pregnancy, comparing notes, and being thankful that I don't have it quite as bad as a few others who have been insanely miserable for the past nine months! A few weeks ago at my baby shower, I had two of my friends who are also pregnant, and due within the same week as me, it was fun having them there! The following Sunday I got to attend the shower of my dear friend Ariana who is giving birth to her second, a baby girl... due just three days before me. I was one of three other pregnant women at that shower as well! The first thing we did when we got their was to decorate onesies for her baby girl, and I'm not usually very creative or artistically talented so I was really quite happy and surprised at how well mine turned out! Although, I have had a little experience painting onesies this year... as that is how we told the parents our big news back in November! Isn't it cute?
We are planning to keep this post updated frequently as things progress over the next two weeks. He could arrive now at anytime! If Sean can't pick up a Wi-Fi connection at the hospital ( wishful thinking) then we'll be finding a friend or family member that can post labor updates for us... so stay tuned, there is sure to be several new posts in the immediate future!

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