Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pregnancy Update!

I can hardly believe that I'm only two days away from our due date. We're not sure if he'll be here on time, but it should be soon! I've been having contractions all week, they seem to be about twenty minutes apart, in two to three hour spurts. They have never really developed into anything significant, which is a little frustrating because I'm so ready to meet this little boy already and sometimes it feels like I'll just be pregnant forever. I've been getting in as many naps as I can, because I know I will soon be sleep deprived. It's amazing to me how much harder the last few weeks is than the rest of the pregnancy. I've been pretty uncomfortable lately, but I know that's just because he's still rapidly growing in there. It's said that they gain about a half pound each week at this stage. So hopefully he's here soon, or I'll be pushing out a big baby! It has just gotten so much harder to do all the little things. I am SO thankful for my wonderful husband who takes such good care of me! He has been a constant support and a huge help to me through all this, dropping whatever he is working on to help me with whatever I need. I appreciate him so much for it.

I've got my weekly check-up on Friday, so I'll be sure to post an update then if nothing happens sooner!


Jean Advincula said...

Wow!! 2 more days!! I can't believe that you're so close to meeting your baby boy!! I'm so excited for you!

Beth McDermott said...

This may be too much information... but if you REALLLLLLY want a baby... have sex. I know, its gross and probably the last thing you want at the moment, but after being 2 weeks overdue, it was the only thing that finally did the trick for me..

Jillian said...

My advice, not as tmi as Beth, lol! But anyway, walk up a big flight of stairs (I was at a football game)...I had Carter the next day, yet he was already almost a week overdue...I'm praying for you!
With the twins it was when I had finally stopped worrying about the contractions I had been feeling and relaxed...

Ang said...

I agree with Beth, Sarah. Have sex...semen softens the cervix. But going for long quick walks helps too...they will also help to know if you are having labor contractions, or just braxton hicks, which I don't care what people say still hurt like hell! :) I hope all will go well...your in my prayers (so to speak)