Thursday, July 31, 2008

Progress... (or not!)

This morning's cervical exam was a big disappointment. It turns out I am only dilated to a half centimeter and 25% effaced. We left the hospital the other day being told I was close to 2 centimeters and 50%, but either that wasn't accurate or I have regressed. I guess it is possible to regress, but its pretty uncommon. I'm pretty frustrated because I feel like we are back at square one and that I endured a day of pure torture Monday all for a lost cause. They are getting ready to give me the first dose of the Misoprostol, and hopefully this time my body will be ready to do something with it. I really like my nurse today- she doesn't leave me in the dark about things and she honest answers to my questions. She even got my IV in right the first time, and it flushes better than any of the others they tried. She's worked in Labor & Delivery here for nineteen years, so I'm pretty confident in her abilities to do her job. It's helped me to be able to relax a bit. It may be a while before we know anything more, they have to wait four to six hours after the first dose of meds before they can re-dose or give me something different.

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