Monday, July 21, 2008

Walking and Waiting

This is a beautiful picture of the lake by our house. From our home... down to the lake, once around, and back home is about a two mile walk. It's a nice walk, when you aren't in your 41st week of pregnancy! I'm hoping it becomes a more useful walk, as I'm counting on it to help get this baby ready to make his arrival. I took the walk last night, and subsequently had some regular contractions for a while. They got pretty close together but they varied in intensity and once I decided to lay down and get some rest, I fell asleep and they went away. Yesterday my husband was at work while I walked, so I had a seven year old in tow... I didn't want to walk alone in case anything happened. She at least knows how to pull my cell phone from my pocket and call the house, or both of my parents cell phones in the event of an emergency and for the most part she makes pretty good company... except for the fact that yesterday she had the most annoying disney channel song stuck in her head and sang it the whole way around the lake. Maybe three times around will do the trick! I'm not sure if I could make it that far, especially if I don't find my other shoes.... they seemed to have up and walked away as it is. They probably got lost when I cleaned and organized the room last week... go figure. I'm a little forgetful these days, and the room we are in well doesn't exactly have a place for everything so we have to get a little creative and I forgot where I put them. My tennis shoes that I had to wear yesterday just kill my feet right now as they are a little tight! My feet don't actually look very swollen, but judging on how my shoes fit they actually are. So I really need my other shoes before I do anymore walking! Then I wonder if I am walking for no good reason, I mean it really doesn't feel good at all these days. Then I ache all over and I feel like I can't move... is it worth it? YES! If it helps convince this baby it's time to come, then I will keep taking that chance.

Two days overdue, and no baby yet... I'm getting pretty curious when or if this is ever going to happen! I mean, he can't just stay in there forever right?

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Jenny said...

Oh Sarah! I know... I've been walking lots too lately and my feet feel so big! So do my hands... keep at it, though, and he's bound to arrive at some point, soon!