Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome Baby Haylee!

Congrats to our good friends (and next door neighbors) Donny & Jen on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Haylee Ann! It's been fun going through this pregnancy with a friend in the same boat. With due dates two days apart we were hoping to have little birthday buddies. We both left for the hospital on Sunday only to be sent home and told we were just in "early labor". We also both headed back to the hospital around the same time the next day, only she was actually in labor this time and I was going to be induced. My little one decided he just wasn't ready, but I guess Haylee got tired of waiting! We had a great time visiting them yesterday at the hospital and it was so sweet to get to see their precious little bundle of joy, and Brody's soon-to-be best buddy. Welcome to the world Haylee Ann, we are so happy you are finally here!


Steph said...

haha at first I thought you had a girl!

Sarah Griffin said...

yeah, lol... i figured some people would! hopefully they actually read the post.. i kept it short & sweet enough. we're still waiting for our kid, and i'm pretty sure he's NOT a girl.