Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catching Up ...

Seems we have a bit of catching up to do... I will probably do this over a few posts so as not to write an entire book at once. Hmmmmm, where did we last leave off? I think it was the 2 month update! That's pretty bad being that Brody is now almost 4 months old. His 2 month appointment was a rough one for Mom. He got his shots... 4 of them at once. I cried, after hearing him scream, it was SO hard. I am dreading his next appointment at the 4 month mark, where he has to get 4 more shots. He started sleeping through the night completely right at 2 months also, that has been SO nice. Now if he would just learn to do it in his own bed, we'd be good... he currently prefers my arms as his sleeping place of choice. At his appointment we found out that he is in the 95th percentile for length at 24 inches long, and the 50th percentile for weight at 11 pounds, 11 ounces. He didn't have an appointment at the three month mark, so I know he's grown a lot.. but I'm curious to see by how much. In clothing he pretty much skipped the 0-3 month size. I would try clothes on him from that size range when he was still wearing newborn, and everything was so wide. Then all of the sudden none of the newborn onesies would snap anymore and neither would the 0-3... pretty much the same day. Luckily for us, 3-6 month is pretty much the same in width as the 0-3, just a few inches longer which helps. So for now he's in mostly 3-6 month clothes, although we have a few 0-3 outfits which fit him okay thankfully. I was really bummed we blew right through that size, because he had a lot of really cute stuff that he only got to wear once! We are enjoying every moment with him, but I already think he's growing up too fast.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

Yes, thats right! There are some changes around here. We got ourselves a colorful new layout, now we just need a new blog name. That's where you come in, because "Sean & Sarah Griffin" is kind of boring! While this blog started as a way to update all my friends and family throughout my pregnancy, I realized things are more and more exciting on day to day basis now that Brody is here! I promise more frequent updates, but I do need help with a name. I lack creativity... so if you have any idea's, please post them here as a comment! Thanks in advance. I'm also considering making this blog private, just for safety reasons. According to my sitemeter this blog gets about 100 hits per week, and while I'm pretty sure thats mostly family and friends I'd still be more comfortable knowing who's reading. SO if you do read this blog, and you'd like to continue reading this blog... do one of two things. The first option, is to "follow" this blog. That lets me know your reading, and I can send you an invitation to keep reading. It is also a great new feature that Blogger rolled out that I love. I am able to "follow" all the blogs that I read, and rather than having to go through my blog list one by one, I get a list of all new updates in order of recent posts from all the different blogs I enjoy reading... and then I don't waste time checking blogs that haven't been updated. So that's my plug on the following feature! The other option is to just send me an email (sarahgriffin1@gmail.com), or leave me a comment with your email address and I will make sure to add you to the list of readers to invite when I do make this private. Thank you, and "Stay Tuned"... there will be more updates, more frequently very very soon!