Monday, March 10, 2008

Better Late than Never!

... As promised, an update of our 20 week appointment and the most recent ultrasound pics! I'll keep this short and sweet. Sean finally got to meet our doctor, we took a half day off work so we could both attend the ultrasound and doctors appointment together. The ultrasound went well, and if you read my previous post they are still saying BOY, but also still not completely sure. They didn't find any obvious defects or anything they were concerned about so that was good news, that at this point we are expecting a healthy little one! Either way we don't believe in terminating the pregnancy regardless of what was or was not shown, and we are extremely happy to be parents of this child even if it turns out that he is not perfect in the eyes of the world. I got some really bad news at the doctor's office- I gained my first pregnancy pound! ... just one. I was excited to have made it through the first 20 weeks without gaining weight, and the doctor is happy with what I've been able to lose. If I'm successful with only putting on 15 lbs from here on out I will give birth at my pre-pregnancy weight! Other than that everything is going great still.. they are watching my blood pressure and blood sugar closely and everything is right on track where I am suppose to be. It's nice to see my doctor so pleased with my progress. Please be praying that I continue to have a healthy pregnancy! We have a lot going on right now, more of which I can explain after the next appointment and I'm hoping the stress of it all doesn't adversely effect the Baby.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Where's the Baby?

I thought this was too adorable not to post! This was shot last weekend while we were visting Sean's family. The little girl is our 16 month old niece, Eliann!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well.. its still not 100% official, but the results of our 20 week ultrasound confirmed the result of our scan at 16 weeks. They said "don't paint the room blue just yet". But they are pretty sure. We had this one done at the doctors office as opposed to last time at a studio. We didn't tell them what the people at the studio thought, because we wanted an unbiased opinion. We'll have another scan at 24 weeks to try one more time. I was measuring a little small, they said I could possibly be a week behind. But the doctor said there is also a ten day margin of error in the size so for now he is going from the date of my LMP, and the due date is staying the same- July 19th. We did get some better ultrasound pics, but I have to get down to Kinko's to get them scanned and uploaded so I can post them. I will post a more updated blog soon with details from the doctors appointment!

So far we have narrowed down our favorite BOY names to the top seven! We are still having a really hard time deciding on one. Thankfully we do have some time, but for now we'd love your help. There is a poll here to the left with our faves- please vote!!! I didn't include middle names, because we aren't sure on those yet either. We want that to be something meaningful and right now our first choice is Lawrence (after my Dad), we have a back-up of Ames picked out (after my sister) in case the first name we choose doesn't sound good with Lawrence. We have a few others but for now thats what we're going with.

After you vote, leave us a comment with what middle name sounds best with the names you choose! Thanks... :)