Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's a Boy!

UNOFFICALLY, "It's a Boy!" Today we went for our first ultrasound. This was not done at my doctors office, rather a retail ultrasound studio that lets you take a peek at your bundle of joy. The goal was a gender reading, but because the baby is still so small it was hard for them to get a clear image of with the 3D/4D. We ended up being able to see so much more with the 2D. It was the most amazing experience! Especially when we got to see the profile shots and a clear view of the head, and body... I even saw a little hand waving at us at one point. I am disappointed that we didn't get any snapshots of the profile, because it was really neat. We just ended up with the two you see above. The baby was very active, which also made it difficult for her to get a good shot of the goods- because everytime she thought she had one "he" would move. We are not completly conviced that it's a boy yet, for anyone who knows about our neice- we have good reason to doubt the results. My sister and my aunt were present for the scan, and they were both pretty convinced and sure that they "saw something"... it's just hard to say if that "something" was the goods or an umbilical cord. The ultrasound technician seemed to be "pretty sure" and it was her best educated guess. Either way we are excited we are just disappointed that its not more clear. We have another ultrasound scheduled for February 29th for my appointment at 20 weeks. The baby will double in size by that time so it should be easier for them to get a better reading. So for now, It's a Boy... but who knows? That could change- and hopefully we'll know for sure real soon!

As far as my appointment at 16 weeks- it went great! The doctor was extremely happy with my progress, and said that I was doing great. I've lost about a total of 15lbs since learning of the pregnancy, and they are very happy with that as long as I continue to lose in a way that is healthy. The goal is that through the 2nd & 3rd trimester I can keep the weight gain to a maximum of 15lbs which would mean getting through the pregnancy without actually gaining any weight from where I started. The most exciting moment at my doctors appointment was that for the very first time I got to hear the baby's little heartbeat. It made me cry... happy tears of course. It just made everything very real!