Friday, July 25, 2008

Six Days Late!

I'm seriously beginning to wonder why they even give you a due date to begin with, apparently it doesn't mean much. That day on the calender I had been looking forward to for practically the last year of my life... came and went, and is now a week in the dust. So yes, I'm still quite pregnant and with no signs of change to come soon! There is an empty bassinet next to our bed, a changing station all set up with the cutest little diapers I've ever seen, and some very adorable outfits organized by size... just waiting to be shown off by a brand new baby boy. The hospital bags are packed! I've had PLENTY of sleep, enough to get me through the next year in fact- so I'm even ready for the sleepless nights! Now all we need are some good strong, regular contractions! I'm debating if I should just head down to the hospital now... on foot... its about ten miles, surely I'll go into labor on the way if I'm walking?!? Okay, maybe that's not the greatest plan! But a few laps around the lake today will hopefully do some good! I know you are all waiting for a big fancy post that says: "I'm in Labor!", but unfortunately there's not too much going on in that department yet.


Kim said...

Good luck with everything! I hope you have a safe delivery!

Marghee said...

I don't think anyone has enough sleep for the sleepless nights to ocme... so don't jinx yourself with that. Lol.