Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I LOVE My Night Nurse!

When we first came to the hospital, very early Sunday morning we were greeted by a red-head nurse named Renae! She was a total sweetheart and took great care of me. We were fortunate to have her just finishing up her shift as we got here this morning for the induction, and then assisgned to us when she came back on for nights! She has really gone above and beyond in making this experience as comfortable as humanly possible for us. Tonight I was having sort of a melt down as the contractions were becoming painfully strong, I couldn't get into a comfortable position anywhere and they only thing I wanted was to go home and SLEEP in my own bed. I made a joke that if she can't find me, I'd probably be sneaking a nap on one of the beds in the postpartum rooms- because they are much more comfortable than the delivery beds. A little while later, she was back informing me that she had got me a new bed for the night, and was going to give me some Ambien so I could get a little rest! They've had to do things like hook up monitors every so often to keep a watch on the baby, and change out my IV fluids, etc. So I would get woken up here or there... but there is no way I would have got a wink of sleep on that other so called bed. It was so sweet of Renae to go the extra mile to make sure I could be comfortable. I've been having contractions all night long, although the Ambien has allowed me to sleep through most of them. They still have that "early labor" pattern of being way too close together, so they would like to see them more rhythmic at about 3-5 minutes apart. I'm pretty sure we are headed there and hopefully there will be some progress to report in the morning when they check. Yesterday was a VERY long day for us, but today could actually end up being a lot longer and a lot more painful! Please keep me in your prayers, that I would have strength to get through the pain and that everything goes smoothly with no complications! We are hoping that by sometime this afternoon we'll be holding our baby boy!


Anonymous said...

Maybe we could just rent out that nurse as your private one...she really is wonderful. Im soo happy she got you the new bed. YAY!!! BABY BABY BABY BABY!!!! Praying for your guys and love you guys.

j :)

Jillian said...

I had Ranae both times I delivered at Twin Cities...she was fairly new when I had Carter, but she has kid(s) so she knows what we are going through! She was my nurse that helped me deliver the twins (she on the left, marlon on the right)

Kel Quint said...

Oh Wow!! What a story! This is the first time I've read a labor story while it's still happening! ha!ha!ha! Isn't modern-day technology GREAT?!?!? So happy for ya! I'm praying all goes well.