Wednesday, July 23, 2008

August Baby?

I went to the doctor's today, and I'm actually a little upset over it right now. I was hoping they would be doing an internal exam to see what kind of progress has been made. They will usually tell you how many centimeters you have dilated, and what percentage of effacement there is. Well apparently I'm some kind of freak of nature or something, because he wasn't even able to tell. My cervix was too far back or something and he couldn't reach! He then tried to tell me that it moves forward as you make progress, so that was just a sign that nothing significant has happened yet. They said if I don't go into labor naturally within a week, they will schedule an induction. I don't really want labor induced (especially chemically), but I also don't want to be pregnant forever either! So I thought... one more week at most, I can handle that!

Then it was time to go back up to the front desk on our way out to schedule our next appointment, turns out the soonest they can see me is not in a week from today... but in a week from Friday! So at that appointment they will talk about scheduling an induction. It will most likely be too late in the day on that friday because we have an afternoon appointment. And I highly doubt they would schedule one on a Saturday, which means that we would be waiting until the following Monday, which is August 4th. Two and a half weeks past my due date! This is pretty upsetting, not so much because I may have to be pregnant for almost two more weeks, but because I'm concerned about the safety of the baby. After 40 weeks they generally preform something called a non-stress test, and also check the level of fluid left in the amniotic sac to make sure the baby is doing okay! I guess they aren't too concerned about these things, OR they over looked them today in the midst of being a very crowded office, that was backed up over an hour! I'm really not sure which! I will probably call them sometime tomorrow ... when I've calmed down a little bit so that I don't verbally abuse the receptionist can try and get some answers and make sure that nothing important got overlooked. Chances are I will go into labor on my own, naturally before the next appointment, but in any case the prospect of having to wait that long is really frustrating! Please be praying that this happens soon, and also for an easy and complication free delivery. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this baby boy. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes, we'll be sure to keep you posted!


Jillian said...

yeah I am sure you will go into labor on your own this week...that is always better than an induction. Hang in there...

Jean said...

Hey Sarah...I can understand your frustrations. Hopefully you will go into labor on your own before your appointment. I've heard that it usually happens that way. Just stay calm and everything will be okay. It's a good idea to call the office again tomorrow to make sure that they didn't overlook anything. You are in my prayers and I am praying for a safe delivery for you and your baby!! Don't worry...he'll be safely in your arms before you know it!

Flo Oakes said...

Hey, don't worry!
Actually, normal gestation is 41 weeks and 1 day, not 40 weeks like everyone thinks, so you're not even technically late yet! ;)
not that your feelings should go unvalidated...I had Amelie 2 days late (sera was early) and I was real pissed, so I can only imagine how frustrating it is to wait that long.

My friend Skylana was like, almost 3 weeks late, and I remember it was hard for her..

One thing to remember is that every baby develops differently and one theory as to what starts spontaneous labor, is that the chemicals released to begin the process aren't released until the baby's lungs are fully developed, and that doesn't always mean right at 40 weeks.

So, just know that your baby is finishing up as he needs to, and you've made it this far--just a bit longer to go! Great job!