Sunday, July 6, 2008

Guessing Game!

Just for my amusement... I thought it would be fun if we played a little game! My "official due date" is on July 19th, and the ultrasounds have all told us we are having a BOY! But, with about two weeks to go we are very curious as to how everything will play out... so we want your best guesses!

So here's the deal:
Leave me a message or comment here on blogger, or through myspace, facebook or my personal email. There will be a little prize... and it will be good, I promise! But I have to be able to contact you for you to get that prize. If you wish to leave your comment here, just make sure to leave me your name w/last initial (there may be other participants with the same first name as you!) as well as an email address so I can contact you if you win! Whoever has the most accurate answers is the winner! The contest ends when we post here that I am in labor. Thanks for playing, and happy guessing!

Your comment should include your best guesses of the following...
1. What date will our baby actually arrive?
2. How long will I be in labor? (in hours)
3. How much will our baby weigh at birth? (in both lbs. & oz.)
4. How long will our baby be? (in inches)
5. *Are we really having a boy... or do you think it's a girl?

*You may judge the ultrasound results for yourself by checking out these pictures from our 24 week scan.


That Cousin Kelly Person said...

Hey guys! I'm really excited for you, I can't wait to meet him!

1. 7/16/2008
2. 13.5 hrs
3. 7 lb 12 oz
4. 20.5 inches
5. Boy. Though Eliann showed us that we can't always be 100% sure!

Jillian said...

1. 7/22/2008
2. 9.5hrs
3. 7lbs 8oz
4. 20 inches
5. BOY!

Mandy Legault said...

1. 7/16/08
2. 11 hours
3. 8lbs 14 oz
4. 23 inches
5. Boy

Tiffany said...

1. 7/21/2008
2. 14.5 hours
3. 8 lb
4. 21 inches
5. It's def. a boy!!


your sister Amy said...

7/15/2008...becuase if he is anything like you i know he just cant wait till he is fully cooked! he is probably ready to pop out now!

11 hours...although i hope it will be shorter then that! i actually hope it will be just long enough for me to make it down there in time! i want to be one of the first people he meets!

this is a tough one...8.19lbs


a boy for sure!

Jen said...

1. 7/24/08 (I'll go into labor before you....hahaha!)
2. 26 hours
3. 8 lbs 1 oz
4. 21 inches
5. Boy

Quinn said...

Hey Sean and Sarah, it's Quinn... seems like everyone I know is giving birth this summer. Well here goes my guesses.

1. 7/20/08
2. 18 hours (1st time takes the longest)My Aunt who is 25ish just had her 1st and went 24 hours.
3. 8 lbs. 7 oz.
4. 20 inches
5. Im saying a boy... named Sawyer!

Jenna and Raymond said...

1. 7/17/08
2. 15 hours of labor
3. 8lb 4 oz
4. 20 inches
5. Brody will for sure be a boy!

Carey said...

1. 7/17/2008
2. 12 hours
3. 7lbs 5oz
4. 19.5 inches
5. Boy

mrsmitty said...

Adam Smitty Kovach

1. July 21st
2. 7 Hours of labor
3. 8 lb 8 oz
4. 21 Inches
5. Boy

Sarah Griffin said...

So we decided we'd play along too! Of course we don't really count in terms of winning! But we thought we'd post our own guesses...

Mommy's Answers:
1. 7/19/2008
2. 12.5 hours
3. 7 lbs 7 oz
4. 21 inches long
5. 100% BOY!

Daddy's Answers:
1. 7/22/2008
2. 15 hours
3. 6 lbs 14 oz
4. 19 inches long
5. Boy

Katherine Andrews said...

1. 7/20/08
2. 9 hours
3. 8lbs 3 oz
4. 22 inches
5. Boy :)

love you and praying for you!

Marghee said...

1. 7/23/08
2. 13 hrs
3. 7 lbs 4 oz
4. 20 inches
5. Griffin!

Melinda Hart said...

Hello Sarah,

Well, I have to go with all of the most optimistic answers I can for you and then I will cross my fingers and say a prayer it comes out this easy:

1. 7/18/08
2. 5 hours
3. 7 lbs. 8 oz.
4. 20.6 inches
5. Ummmm, yeah, pretty sure that's a BOY!!! :)

Melinda Hart

Grammy said...

1. 7/22/08
2. 13 hours
3. 6 lb 13 oz
4. 19 inches
5. Boy

Steph said...

1.7/24/2008 (the 2008 I KNOW I'll get right!!!)
2.18 hours
3.7 lbs 16 oz
4. 20.5 inches
5. Boy

Good luck, I hope its soon!!!

Jillian said...

I'm reguessing the date, since your last post says it's time...July 28th is the date...j/k I know I probably can't enter twice...maybe just disregard my first guess... ;)

Steph said...

Ha, yeah can we re-guess? You mean you didn't plan ahead for this scenario? also are the different things weighted differently? like 2 points for length, 1 pt for gender? hmm. well since I'm guessint we can't change our guesses, I "predict" the 29th :)