Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Due Date...

... was today! But it came and went and there was no action. I guess my little man is refusing to make his appearance. It looks like we will be playing the waiting game a little longer. I was really convinced he'd arrive on time. They say you're usually a few days late with your first one, but I was my mom's first pregnancy and I came right on time! So I thought... maybe the baby will take after Mama and show up. I guess that was wishful thinking. The hard part was having that date circled on the calender and counting down what felt like forever for it to arrive, and then nothing! But now that's its here I feel so relieved, even though I'm not holding my baby boy yet. I know it will be soon, and I feel like we actually have everything together and ready at this point. I just finally typed up our birth plan, now I just have to find some colored paper to print it out on before we leave for the hospital. For now, I'm trying to enjoy the last few days Sean & I have together before we become a family of three. I'm enjoying sleeping through the night (for the most part...), and all the peace and quiet we still have. I know we are in for a BIG change so I'm trying to savor every last moment of life as we know it. I must admit we are a little intimidated by the new responsibility we will have. But we know in the end, when this chapter of our lives close and the new one opens... when we finally get to hold that little boy... it will all have been worth the wait.

As far as my doctors appointment on Friday went, there is really no big news to report. I am seen weekly at this point, so all they do is check my vitals and listen for the baby's heartbeat. They said to come in on Wednesday if the baby isn't here yet and they will do a more extensive check since I am past due, and make sure that everything is okay and possibly discuss setting an induction date. They don't like to let you go more than a week past due. Most likely the baby will come on his own at some point within the next week, so we're not really worried about that yet.

We'll keep you posted on the progress, I have a feeling things will be happening very soon!

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