Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I guess I'll start with reporting that there is no big baby news today! I was kind of secretly hoping I'd go into labor this morning, so we could have a 4th of July baby. I know that might sound silly, but I'm now at thirty-seven weeks and six days so the baby is considered to be full term! It's safe now... and besides the fact that it would have been cool to deliver today, I'm quite ready to be done being pregnant. This little boy could arrive any day now, so I'm hoping the sooner the better. I am holding out hope for a few other significant dates, but I guess in the end he'll tell us which day is going to be his birthday! Today does happen to be my aunt's birthday.. Happy Birthday Aunt Sharon!
This year we didn't get to get out and do much celebrating. The pictures you are seeing are of Chanel (my little sister) from last year's 4th of July celebration down in Newport Beach. I found myself wishing I was there today, and was halfway tempted to take a little five hour drive this morning when I found myself wide awake at 6:30am. If my husband didn't have to work in the afternoon, I would have done my best to convince him it would be fun... although I don't think he would be buying it. Driving all that way just for one day, probably not worth it!
It seems like we've spent a good number of 4th of July's down in Newport Beach at my Aunt's house. The house used to belong to my Grandmother, and it is the same house my Dad grew up in. We've taken lots of family trips down there over the many years, and its one of my favorite places to visit... but I think I especially enjoy being there for the 4th of July.
There is always a parade that comes down the street in the morning! This is not your typical parade, as most people participate in it... rather than stand on the sidelines and watch. Everyone gets all dressed up in their best red, white, and blue. People decorate their bikes, wagons, pets, and children! And everyone marches down the street in true patriotic spirit. I enjoy being one of the few spectators who watch, and take pictures from the sidelines, but I fear those days are coming to an end as the next time we have the opportunity to be there I will have a child who is most likely walking and wanting to participate! Later in the afternoon, there is a potluck with the neighbors in back alley behind the house! This is a tradition that has gone on for as long as I can remember and it always seems to be a lot of fun. Some of the neighbors have been there so long that they were around to watch my Dad and his siblings grow up... their kids come out and celebrate too, so its kind of fun to see the reunion of old childhood friends all grown up and sharing the tradition with their own children! Once it gets dark, they break out the small time fireworks, and things like sparklers. Honestly those things scare me half to death, and I'm not sure how comfortable I'll feel watching all the action with a 1 year old next year (if we are fortunate enough to make it down for all the festivities)! We then usually walk down around the corner to the beach to catch the city's firework display, and by the time that's over with everyone is pretty tired and ready for bed!
This year was much different, I never even left the house! My other very pregnant friend Jen came over and we did BBQ up a little feast for lunch and hung out for a while! I also spent some time cooling off in our kiddie pool that's set up in the backyard. I would die without that thing in this heat! It's one of those easy set pools, with the inflatable ring around the top... the 10ft size, which is about 30in deep! It's small, and mainly built for children, but there's also enough room for about four adults to lounge comfortably around the sides. It's quite nice just sitting in there, the water comes up just enough to almost cover my shoulders! So its not TOO small and its something I'm quite thankful for, especially this late in pregnancy! I'll post a pregnancy update tomorrow (38 weeks), so stay tuned!

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