Saturday, November 24, 2007

Telling the Parents...

We were able to get in to see a doctor on Friday, and he confirmed it! We are expecting. I am feeling such a huge rush of all different emotions. We are excited, but I've never been more nervous in my life, especially about telling the parents! We have decided to break the news to them in one week from today. We are going to be in Atascadero for Chanel's adoption party. I wanted to come up with a creative way to tell them, so I went to target today to buy some onesies. I also went to a craft store and bought some puff paint. I just spent half the afternoon painting them to say: "I <3 My Grandma", "Grandpa <3's Me", "Uncle's Monkey", and "Auntie Spoils Me". I also bought a little long sleeved t-shirt for Chanel that says "Auntie in Training". We are going to wrap them up and have them all open them at the same time on Saturday morning. I will try to have my camera ready to catch the reaction! Until then it's still hush-hush on the big news!

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Flo Oakes said...

That's a great idea..when we broke the news about Amelie, no one got it. We had Sera open a present (it was on Christmas) that was a book that said "I'm a big sister".
They didn't get it. We had to explain. HAHA. Your plan is pretty straightforward, and cute, I'm sure they'll know what's going on!!