Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Surprise!

This morning I woke up feeling a bit of nausea, and then I realized I was almost two weeks late. I had also seemed to be unusually emotional the past few days, crying over the most stupid things. But I had taken the test once already, about a week ago because I was late and it came up negative. So to ease my mind I decided to take the other test in the package, and much to my surprise it was positive! Before that I thought I may be cursed with the stomach flu on Thanksgiving... WOW! I don't even know what to think. I am happy and excited because I can't wait to be a mommy, but at the same time I am so incredibly scared and nervous about what is to come. This was not exactly planned or expected right now and we have quite a bit to plan for. Thank God pregnancies take nine months, it will give us time to prepare! I'm sure I won't be saying that in nine months when I am about to pop, but for now it sounds good. Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on this journey, that this will be a healthy pregnancy. We also need to find a good OBGYN! I thought this would be the perfect occasion for a first blog... so until next time.

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Mandi said...

Congratulations! Yeah for babies!! :)