Friday, December 21, 2007

Precious Feet

Above is an enlarged photo of the "Precious Feet" lapel pin. These little feet represent the exact size and shape of baby's feet just ten weeks after conception. While they are known as an international "pro-life" symbol, they are also special to me this week as we are hitting week ten tomorrow! It is amazing to me to read about what develops each week. It is so fascinating and kind of overwhelming to think that a little life is being formed inside my womb.

I know its been quite a while since I have posted an update! Life around the holidays is always busy! I have not really suffered much and for the most part I feel pretty good! The worst pregnancy symptom I get to deal with so far is exhaustion, leaving me little motivation or energy to blog. I have found myself going to bed frequently around nine, which kinda drives me crazy. But I'd rather be tired than sick & tired. I am so thankful that I haven't been throwing up everyday! I know I am one of the lucky few to be feeling okay. There are few things that do make me queasy, a lot of foods I have no desire to eat. But so far, so good!

I found a great doctor in Laguna Hills, who delivers at Saddleback Memorial Hospital which is a very nice hospital and very close to our home. I was thrilled when I met my doctor, and I knew right away he was the one I wanted to deliver our baby. My first appointment went well, and he said so far everything looks good. I go back on January 7th, where hopefully we will get to hear the heart beat! I was really worried about possible pregnancy complications due to my weight, but the doctor didn't seem to be too concerned. He said right now the biggest draw back is we may have to wait a few extra weeks before he will be to hear the heartbeat. But he assured me that I am in good health and that he has many women who are in my same situation get through a healthy pregnancy without complication, and at this point there is nothing to worry about!

I realized I never posted an update as to my parents reaction, but yes the cat is out of the bag and you don't have to keep it a secret anymore. For the most part I would say they were pretty happy with the news! My mother was not thrilled about the possibility of being called "grandma", because she thinks she is too young to be a grandma. She's not! She just looks to young, that's all! She immediately suggested that we need to find a younger sounding alternative name to call her... so she will probably be going by Nana. I was hoping to have my camera ready when I gave out the onesies, but the battery died just prior. It was very late at night and it was just before Chanel's adoption party so no one got it right away. They all thought it had to do with welcoming a new family member but they had a hard time processing words like "Grandma", "Grandpa", and "Uncle". It was pretty funny, but I was surprised it took them all a few minutes to get it.

My next update will most likely take place after the new year (after my next doctors visit). We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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