Monday, November 22, 2010


Just three weeks before Logan was born, I decided to get a little bit crazy and go camping... in a tent. This picture above is our campsite! Originally we had plans to camp up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Well everyone else was going to camp, but seeing as I was 37 weeks pregnant we were going to be staying with some friends of my Mom's who have a place close by. But plans got changed, and I didn't want to give up our vacation. So we borrowed a tent from some friends, bought an air mattress (because there is no way I could handle sleeping on the ground, especially being pregnant), and decided to join in on our family camping trip. We camped at Flying Flags RV park in Buellton, CA. We booked a family site, that had room for a Motor Home (which slept my parents, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin and their dog) and Sean, Brody & I had a tent on the lawn. It was a nice set up being right there all together. Most of the tent sites at this campground were very far away from the RV sites. The biggest challenge for me was being so pregnant the many times a night I would have to hike to the restroom. Good times! Brody had so much fun playing "knock down", a game my Dad helped him come up with, where he set water bottles up on a paint bucket and threw balls at them. The kid loves bowling, so this was the next best thing! I believe we spent 4 nights there, and then headed down to Anaheim where we went to Disneyland for a day and stayed in Orange County through the 4th of July. Our favorite place to be on the 4th is in Balboa, where my dad grew up. It was really nice to get down to Orange County for the last half of our trip and stay in a hotel after camping the first part of the trip. Over all it was a great vacation, and I was mostly thankful that Logan decided to stay put while we were away from home. I had been having lots of contractions... and my midwife wasn't too excited that I would be 2.5 hours away from a hospital during that time. Logan wasn't born until just a few days before his due date, so I'm really glad we decided to go on this trip. Two years before when Brody was born, we skipped out on a trip to Hawaii because I was 36 weeks along, the cut of for flying. He stayed cooking for almost two weeks past his due date, so I was bummed that we missed out on that trip. In the future I've requested my family not plan their super fun vacations at the end of my pregnancies, hopefully they will comply... :)

And here is a favorite picture of our little "Happy Camper":

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