Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amy's Wedding Day


Okay, so it's only the second day and I almost already forgot I was doing this! For Day 2, I chose this picture taken at my little sister's wedding last October.

They have such a great story!

Amy & Jarrod met at our wedding in May of 2007. In fact he caught the garter, and she caught the bouquet. When Sean's mom first met Amy, she pointed out that she would be perfect for her friend Lori's son, Jarrod. I told her to leave it alone as Amy was not interested in being set up as she had been the victim of many set up attempts. When I first met Jarrod, I changed my mind a little as I knew they would be a great match. So yeah the toss at our wedding may have been a bit rigged, at least for Amy... but I know Jarrod had to fight for it. Once that happened, my mom and my mother-in-law ran over to the D.J. and asked him to announce a special tradition for a dance between the couple who caught the garter & bouquet. They both knew it was a cheesy set up attempt, but were great sports about it.

They even exchanged information, but because both of them were in new relationships at the time it took them a year to even start communicating. I believe their first communication was Jarrod asking Amy (on Facebook) if she was excited about becoming an Aunt, back when we were expecting Brody. Once they started dating, it was evident that they were very right for each other. Eventually they became engaged, and then in October of last year they were finally married! I had the privilege of being Matron of Honor, Sean was a groomsman, and Brody the ring bearer.

So I know it's a year late, but Congratulations Amy & Jarrod. We are so happy to have played a part in you finding each other, and loved sharing with you in your big day!

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