Friday, August 1, 2008


Hey all, its Sean. I'm posting because Sarah is drugged up on Stadol (or however you spell it) and is not very coherent, its kinda funny, since she asks me the same questions every five minutes or so. But anyways, since the last post that she did this morning, things have been slowly progressing. They haven't checked her cervix again though so no word on that, but the Pitocin seems to be working and is giving her full, regular, painful contractions. They finished with one round of that a few hours ago and started her on her Penicillian again, and then they gave her the Stadol about 30 minutes ago for the pain and she went out in less than a minute, so right now she is getting some needed rest. We'll keep the updates coming as long as something new happens.


Jillian said...

That is good to hear, I had the Stadol with Carter and it was nice to get some sleep. Hopefully things progress quickly and Brody decides it's time to make his appearance! You are doing so good Sarah!

Anonymous said...

hahah, you should take pics of her all drugged love you guys and im praying for you all.

j :)