Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow, its early! I certainly didn't come here to sleep, but somehow I wasn't quite ready to begin the early morning torture session. I was actually getting some good rest... oh well, I'd rather be making some progress so we can meet this baby boy today! It turns out that my body decided to cooperate a little over night.... it's about time!!! I was REALLY discouraged after what they said when they checked at 7:30, so it was nice to finally get the good news. My cervix has softened, and I'm finally at a good 2cm dilated- oh and my nurse is sure of that this time! They came in early and got me monitored for a little bit to make sure the baby was still doing well, and by about 4:30 I was all hooked up and am now receiving Pitocin to get the active labor going. I guess they like to start really early so that I will deliver sometime during the afternoon or evening rather than in the middle of the night. The nurse said it would be pretty slow going at first and that I should get some more sleep, but I don't know how sleep would be possible right now with these contractions! These hurt pretty bad already, which has to be a good thing in terms of progress!


Anonymous said...

Its time to evict that lil really.

j :)

Jenny said...

Oh my word! I can't believe everything you're going through! This is one stubborn boy you have! :-) I didn't know getting babies OUT could be so much work! Good luck!