Monday, May 19, 2008

So Guess What...

I'm pregnant!!! This may not come as a shock to you if you regularly read my blog. But we were amused to find that out today when I had to go take a pregnancy test.

Since we've moved up to the Central Coast, I've had trouble finding a job. I have applied all over the place, but it seems to me that most employers aren't willing to hire someone when they will have to take a 6-10 week leave of absence within their first 90 days of employment. Additionally, my insurance from my job in Orange County was an HMO with no participating providers on the Central Coast. This means a trip to the OC every two weeks for a doctors appointment, and then living down there for a month (without my husband) while we await baby's arrival. So in an effort to avoid all the traveling, I applied for Medi-Cal so I could get a doctor up here and not have to go five hours away to have this baby.

I turned in my Medi-Cal application a few weeks ago, along with a ton of documentation they require to prove a lack of income and assets... I had been patiently awaiting an approval, when I got this letter in the mail from them saying they needed additional documentation. They need a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and verification that I was pregnant. Would the one inch stack of medical records documenting my entire pregnancy from my provider in OC do the trick? Nope. I had to go to one of their clinics and take a pregnancy test.

So after a short wait and leaving a urine sample for testing, a medical assistant brought us back to wait for the nurse practitioner. When she makes her way to the exam room, she congratulates us and informs us that we are expecting! (As if we had no clue...) So I sarcastically say, "really?, I'm shocked"... I guess she didn't pick up on the sarcasm because then she proceeded to try and calculate a due date for me by asking when my last period was. So I went along with it and said... "um, I think mid-October". She looks at me and says "Oh, my..." I am trying not to crack up, because I feel huge, and I think its obvious to most people now that I'm pregnant. I don't look like 7-8 months along... but I clearly have a "bump"- which I guess she didn't notice when she asked "Oh, so you knew you were pregnant". I informed her that I was almost 32 weeks along, and that we had just moved to the area from Orange County where I was receiving treatment previously. She was relieved to find out that I'd been going to the doctor the whole time! I was glad to find some humor in the hour that we wasted for me to go take a pregnancy test. But, at least I got my "pregnancy verification" so that I can finally show proof to Medi-Cal... and hopefully get an approval so that I can receive care locally!

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Jillian said...

Oh gosh that's funny! I would have liked to see her face when you told her your dates...LOL!