Monday, April 7, 2008

Ultrasound - 24 Weeks!

Here are the pics from our latest ultrasound!
I don't think he liked having his picture taken very much!

Thumb Sucker!

Profile Shot

Another one... this time you can see his little hand coming up to his mouth.

It's a BOY!

That's no umbilical cord!


Steph said...

Ahh he's getting so big! And FINALLY you post a blog, you kind of left us on pics and needles at the end of your last post:) How much do they guess he is weighing now? How are you feeling?

Sarah Griffin said...

Sorry for the delay! A lot going on... I'll post an update later today and tommorrow. We just moved up to Atascadero.. well sort of. I think they are estimating 1.5lbs now, I'm still feeling pretty good! Thanks... :)

Jillian said...

Carter was sucking his thumb in our 20wk ultrasound with him...but the way he was lying only we could see it...the pictures weren't showing it much. It was the most amazing thing to see him moving his hand to his mouth and his jaw was moving up and down...I will always remember that!