Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peppermint Pooties!

Last night I was kissing Brody's cute little feet and telling him that I was gonna eat him all up because he is just so yummy! And that he smelled so good like a freshly bathed baby peppermint!?! I kept sniffing and there was a very strong peppermint smell coming from my baby boy. I couldn't figure it out, I kept sniffing and the only thing I could come up with is that someone had spilled peppermint extract somewhere and we must have set him down it it? It didn't make sense. I started freaking out, like is there some disease that makes a body give off a weird pepperminty smell? I feared the worse! And then I found it.. in the diaper, the dirty diaper no less... Peppermint Pooties! The diaper was what was giving off the peppermint smell, and well we later figured it got that way because I left a pack of doublemint gum in the diaper bag. And so my fellow mommies, if you ever want to cover up a smelly diaper... you know what to do!


Jessica (Wiley) said...

ha ha, sarah...that's awesome! That totally made me smile. Peppermint Pooties!!! Awesome!!!
Ok...you seriously have the most adorable little boy on the planet! I am so happy for you. And you're right...they grow so fast. Cherish EVERY moment. My little maddie is already 16 mos old. Wow!
Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Take care.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Thanks for the tip! We use cloth diapers and all I can think of is baking soda. The cloth bag in the pail also has a little tab for tee tree oil, but this would be cheaper and good for travel. *;o)